Saigon Sights - 01/03/16

Posted below are some random photos I took while we were walking around Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon).  There is no rhyme or reason to them; just thought they were an interesting slice of life from the city.

There's no getting away from McD's - they really are everywhere.  Wouldn't be surprised to find one at the North Pole!

Hard for us to imagine in the United States, but this a common mode of transportation for families, not just in Vietnam but across Asia.  We've seen up to five people packed onto one of these scooters.

A vegetable cart:

The flip flop man:

Recycler - nothing goes to waste here.  If a use can't be found for it, it is recycled, composted or fed to the pigs and chickens:

A few examples of upscale buildings in Saigon:

There are approximately 5,658,000 Catholics in Vietnam representing 6.87% of the population:

Colorful lanterns:

Flame swallower - I was surprised at how young he was.  Swallowing flames for donations from the tourists is how he makes his living:

City scenes:

So cheerful!

Look at those roots!

We had dinner at this pizza place one night and I was so impressed with the decor.  Whoever put it together is really talented and creative.  Love the wine bottle chandelier:

Neat rendering of a water buffalo.  I think this may be made from paper.  Vietnamese paper art is amazing.

Ceramic tiles make bright, colorful and visually interesting walls:

Painting designs on old shutters and installing them on the ceiling is brilliant.  Love this!

The pizza restaurant had a real wood fired oven - nothing makes a better crust!

Nothing like a couple million Vietnamese Dong in one's wallet to make a person feel wealthy.  Approximately 22,000 dong equals one US dollar.  According to the receipts we were given by the ATM machines we had millions of dollars in our account!  There are ATM machines everywhere; most have limits of 2 million dong per day with the exception of the ANZ (Australia and New Zealand Banking Group) which allows withdrawals of up to 5 million dong ($223 USD).

I never cease to be amazed at the loads that are hauled on motorbikes:

Merlot anyone?

Ice delivery:

Not sure what this was:

And, my attempt at an arty photo.  There are dark narrow alleys like these all over Saigon.  Most of them seem to be access to the apartments where local people live.

Our last day in Saigon with Leo, one of the desk staff.  He was so nice and funny and always smiling - will never forget you, Leo!

We really liked the energy and enthusiasm of Saigon and will miss the city very much.  Next stop is Hanoi - stay tuned!

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  1. Thanks for the tour. Your artsy pic was good! Do you two ever take a day off to just rest? I applaud your going on tours, etc, nevertheless. See you in Hanoi ;~)