Duc Vuong Hotel - Ho Chi Minh City / Saigon, 12/27/15

We are staying in a fabulous boutique hotel I found through Trip Advisor.  It had really good reviews overall so we booked a room for the nine days we are spending in Saigon.  The ratings did not exaggerate; this place is wonderful and reasonably priced!  The staff, from the people at the desk, to the doormen to housekeeping have been so friendly and helpful; we always stop for a few minutes to chat before heading out for the day. 

From the street - isn't it charming?

We booked a deluxe room with a king sized bed.

So welcoming:

Two elephants made through the art of towel folding greeted us when we entered the room. So adorable.

 I have to tell a funny story on myself here.  After taking a look around the room, I decided to wash my hands and there were no towels in the bathroom.  Dumba** me started complaining to husband about "what kind of hotel doesn't stock the bathroom with towels?" and I was about to go down to the lobby to complain to the desk and have them send up some towels.  I was almost to the door when I realized that the towel elephants were our towels.  Duh!!!  So glad I figured that out before making a fool of myself to the people running the desk!

Nice big bathroom.  Bathrooms in Asian countries are usually floor to ceiling tile with a drain in the floor.  Any water that sloshes out of the tub/shower goes down the drain and I imagine it also make bathroom cleaning super easy:

Desk, wardrobe and tv.  There is a refrigerator in the wardrobe which was stocked with water, soda and beer.  It came in very handy during our stay:

Electric kettle and complimentary water, tea, coffee and snacks:

The view from our room on the 6th floor:

One of my favorite things about the hotel was the rooftop bar appropriately named The View.  It was so pleasant and peaceful up there and a true oasis of calm when we wanted to escape the hustle and bustle of the street.  No matter how warm it was, there was always a nice breeze blowing as well.

 Not only did they offer a wide selection beverages, but they had an extensive menu of both Vietnamese and American style food; every meal we had at The View was delicious.  This fruit plate was cool and refreshing one warm afternoon:

The view from The View:

And, at  night:

Like many Asian cities, Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) is a mix of old and new:

At night, The View is brightly lit up which makes it the perfect landmark from the street:

If we ever return to Ho Chi Minh City, we will stay at the Duc Vuong Hotel again.  It has not only met all of our expectations, it has exceeded them.  I have to admit that I will feel a twinge of regret and sadness when it is time to leave.


  1. Great photos with lots of interest. Your camera and you make a super couple! Hey that bit about the elephant towels...oh you lucky kid...saved from embarrassment. Thanks for your posts/blog.

    1. You have no idea how glad I was that I didn't complain about the lack of towels. What an impression that would have made!

      Glad you are enjoying the blog articles - thank you!