Cambodia - 01/17/16

Cambodia is a hot and humid land of new and old, modern and traditional, water and sky, bold bright colors and surprises around every corner.  The pictures below are things we saw while walking around the town of Siem Reap and riding through the countryside as our tuk tuk driver took us around.

Nothing is as refreshing on a warm day as a fruit shake.  These fruit shake stands could be found on every corner of Siem Reap:

Coconuts serve many purposes including drinking the milk inside, eating the flesh and using the oil for cooking and soap making:

Pretty water plants in our hotel lobby:

We were surprised to see this hot air balloon flying over the ruins of Angkar Wat:

These sculptures were part of a shrine in a small village near Angkar Wat:

House on stilts out in the countryside:

This shuttered window gives a glimpse of the ornate temple inside:

Most of the temples have elaborate murals painted on the ceilings and walls. Not only are they beautiful, but they tell detailed stories:

Some of the local wildlife.  This guy was such a thrill for me as monkeys are not something we encounter at home.

Unfortunately, we did see people ignoring these signs and feeding the gibbons for photo opportunities.  It's sometimes difficult to understand why humans are thought to be more intelligent and superior to species lower on the food chain.

Horse in traditional Khmer costume:

Seeing these water plants with their bright pink blossoms was a treat for the eyes:

There is a future blog article about elephants coming up soon, so I won't go into too much detail here.  Suffice it to say that while many tourists have riding an elephant at the top of their list of things to do, this practice is beginning to lose favor as we learn that huge as they are, they don't have very strong backs.  Elephant riding isn't good for elephants - better to admire these magnificent creatures from the ground.


A giant fig tree in the forest.  These trees are massive and take on unique shapes as they mature:

This village in the woods had a small market place offering textiles, clothing and food.

We were in Cambodia during their dry season; I can only imagine how luscious and green this landscape is during the wet season.  


 We enjoyed our time in Cambodia and came away with many fond memories, especially of the warm and friendly people who went out of their way to be helpful and hospitable.  It is not a wealthy country, but we feel richer for having been there and experiencing the charm and beauty it has to offer.


  1. Once more your terrific blog is enticing. There is so much to see and experience. All the gorgeous temples, statuary, food and colors must be some first rate eye candy and tummy wow.
    I'm looking forward to your blog on elephants/sanctuaries.

    1. Thank you, Judy. I don't remember the last time my senses have been so engaged!